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If you are in need of assistance you may submit your application online or you may download and print the KenTra Care Application .


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Many leaving the correctional facilities today have limited support networks and fewer resources.  Most ex-offenders lack workforce skills and the individuals face challenges when returning to society.  It can be overwhelming. Without training and support many leaving the correctional facilities are not equipped to reenter society.


The KenTra Care Organization provides re-entry services and support to female offenders that are currently incarcerated and to ex-offenders. These services and support are provided through various programs and outreach efforts. 


*KenTra Care currently conducts monthly Women's Bible Study at the William G. Truesdale Adult Dentention Center in Alexandria Virginia.


We work with local social services networks, churches, local trade schools and also assist by referring our clients for special services.  These partnerships enable KenTra Care to expand and offer a wider range of services to our clients. 


​KenTra Care Programs & Services



If you are in need of a "Fresh Start" Package you may submit your application online or you may download and print the Pre-Release Fresh Start Application.


The Fresh Start Package will include but are not limited to items such as toiletries, personal care items and farecards/tokens.


Click to complete the online application


Download Paper Application


In order to view and print a PDF file you will first need to download and install a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader please click on the link provided below.


Transportation Assistance

Transportation Assistance can be provided in the form of tokens and far cards to those clients returning from the correctional facilities. Tokens or farecards are also provided for scheduled job interviews and resource appointments for a limited and pre-determined period of time.

Emergency Food and Clothing

Emergency assistance, including food, clothing and other financial assistance with evaluation of need.

Employment Readiness Assistance

Employment is vital for reducing recividism. Our goal is to educate participants on job search skills, develop appropriate workplace behavior, effective interviewing and a positive outlook toward working and employment.​

Notary Services

KenTra Care offers notary service.  

Contact us for more information. 

Counseling & Peer Support

Through referrals, one-on-one counseling, and mentorship programs, we provide our clients with the peer support necessary for re-entry as well as after release which is important for those individuals that do not have strong family relationships.

Navigation of State Agencies

We assist with navigation of the various state agencies to seek restoration of civil rights such as voter registration.

**KenTra Care does not guarantee the restoration of civil rights.  Each state and agency my have certain criteria and laws that must be met. 

Spiritual Health Counseling

In partnership with Finding Grace Ministry is an innovative effort to reduce recidivism and disciplinary infractions in correctional institutions by offering faith and character based programming in a positive environment to inmates committed to inner transformation. This initiative offers inmates a variety of activities and classes (both religious and secular) focused on personal growth and character development. 





We welcome the opportunity to partner with churches who have an interest in establishing a Prison Ministry.  If your organization would like more information, please contact us. 



This unique program offers support to the children of incarcerated women by providing mentoring to their children. We engage children in activities that help nurture the parental relationship (writing letters, making cards, assisting with visits, etc.).

Mentoring Program for Children of Offenders and Ex-Offenders

If you are in interested in the KenTra Kids Mentoring Program you may submit your child's application online or you may download and print the KenTra Kids Application .


Click to complete the online application


Download Paper Application


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